Our Strategy

We are a Kenyan-led, Kenyan-founded, coastal-based organization passionate about creating a diverse intergenerational pool of expertise and competencies. We bridge science and management through an inclusive, participatory process focused on results and impact. We design a unique thematic blend of programs to deliver impactful results and drive positive change.

We believe coastal communities and cities in the WIO region will be resilient through the improved governance and management of coastal and marine ecosystems. Coastal communities with structured power and authority to manage and conserve these resources will do so sustainably and use it to secure alternative livelihood activities.

By improving the governance and management of these ecosystems and diversifying and strengthening livelihoods, communities will have the right foundations to withstand vulnerabilities and support the conservation and management of marine ecosystems, leading to resilient coastal communities and environments.

Coastal communities with diversified livelihoods will reduce pressure on marine resources. Better-managed and conserved marine and coastal ecosystems will be more resilient to shocks and more productive, supporting social and ecological functions and services.

woman gathered together talking about governance


Improved governance and management of coastal and marine resources in coastal communities and cities.

community working together


Conservation of coastal and marine resources is supported

men working together on fishing boat on shore


Enhanced and diversified sustainable livelihoods and access to finance

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